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Team Building

Strengthen the motivation of your team! A perfect team building programm will help you to build a good partnership within the team by having fun and gathering new experiences together.

Our hotel is the right choice for your team building event during summer and winter:



The ski resort between Annaberg, Russbach and Gosau offers for sure a perfect winter holiday for ski- and snowboard fans. There are of course ski tracks of different difficulty levels for beginners and advanced skiers. For more exciting adventure try the Gaudi tracks: "Wilde Hilde", "Rock'n Roll", "Donnergroll"... There are also beautiful areas for cross country skiers in the Dachstein West region. 

Tracks in the Dachstein West Region:
Total: 142 km, 122 km with snow canons
Easy: 34 km
Middle: 96 km
Difficult: 12 km
Tracks for night skiing: 3 km

We are happy to organise an austrian traditional evening, a "hütte" party, a mulled wine party or a sledge ride fun for your group. You bring the ideas, we organize it for you!

Ski equipment hire and ski course are also available!




In Salzburger Land you have everything you will need for a fantastic team building event: high mountains, white water, traditional huts and pure nature!

Our Partner Outdoor Unlimited will organise an unforgetable team event for your collegues:

The philospohy of Outdoor Unlimited Team:

Collective experiences strenghten motivation and are a perfect basis for team success. The key points of all programms of Outdoor Unlimited are fun, experiences in the nature and team work.


The team exercises you pick are going to be moderated and supervised by outdoor coaches. During all outdoor activities a professional team will initiate a process within the group that will be talked about during and after the training. Each training will be arranged individually according to requirements of your company.

Building a bridge:

Your team will be provided with all raw materials for building a bridge on a river. They have to think together, find out a concept, and build the bridge. At the end of course, they need to prove the viablity of the formation.




After a thorough instruction to the safety standards from our certified guides, nothings stands in the way of a great experience! Our white-water rafting tour on the river Lammer leads us briefly through mainly calm waters until we reach the main gorge of the river, one of the most impressive gorges of our region. After this, we go through rapids as well as calmer passages. Your guide will give instructions, navigate, and make sure you have a safe trip. Since the Lammer can have low water levels during the summer, we offer alternatives like tubing and white-water rafting on the river Salzach!



In our Fun and Team Olympics, our participants have to solve various tasks by using their creativity and initiative. However, these games focus more on camaraderie and team building than competition. The whole experience is going to be a barrel of laughs for all the participants involved. Your whole team will work on the solutions and answers, and each participant can bring their strengths and ideas into the game to bring their group to the finish line. The Team Olympics stimulate team spirit, perseverance and dexterity in a fun and exciting way. Everyone will learn to see themselves as an indispensable part of the team!


Building a raft

The raft is one of the oldest means of transport. Spend a day with us and follow the tracks of the old lumberjacks. Before we start the ride, we will build our raft together with the guides giving you instructions on how one can make a raft out of old barrels and trunks. At the end, you will be proud to present your homemade raft!
After this quick intro in raft building, we will again find ourselves on the river Salzach. You will navigate through calm waters as well as rapids and the beautiful scenery will be your constant companion on this adventure. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy a barbecue or a picnic on the banks of the river.


Building a hut:

In this challenge the team will need to work close together to work out the concept of building a wooden hut, and of course also build it

It is very instructive to see the physical result of the team work. At the very end it is useful to analyze the team work and the actual result.

In the run-up to the event, every exercise and challenge will be discussed in detail and will be selected according to your own ideas and expectations. You can choose the exercises from our extensive range of suggestions, depending on whether you want fun, action, or team building to be the main focus of the challenges. The exercises can be arranged individually to be team- or action-oriented.

More programs are also available: torch tours, guided hiking tours in the mountains, traditional Austrian evening, "Hütte" party, sightseeing with guide in Salzburg.

Other activities: