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Extreme sports

Outdoor sports and rock climbing

Our Partner in extreme outdoor sport organization is the team of Outdoor Unlimited.

You can book activities at our reception to take advantage on special discounted rates. The team of Outdoor Unlimited offers activities for individuals and groups as well. This professional team will organize you a challenging team building program or a memorable outdoor family weekend.

Outdoor sport activities:

For individuals and groups

Rafting: In May and June and during summertime after heavy rainfalls you can try rafting on the river Lammer. In other periods of the year rafting is possible on the Salzach. Participants get full clothing (neoprene suit and helmet) and a short training before starting the adventure.


Tubing: After having a profound training the participants will individually try their tubes (kind of a big float) in the white water. For people seeking for extreme adventure the best place is the middle part of the Lammer, whereas those who would like to have a more chilling activity are advised to try the lower Lammer part.

Canyoning: The professional tour guides will assure safe adventure for beginner, intermediate and trained hikers as well. The gorge „Almbachklamm” is more suitable for intermediate or advanced hikers, the gorge „Aubachschlucht” offers simpler routes and beautiful natural surrounding. The team provides you with a neoprene suit and a helmet. You will swim in crystal clear water and jump down from water falls to try your limits and complete the different sections.

„Kufenbockerl” sleigh: Kufenbockerl is the best equipment to enjoy the simplicity of the sleigh riding and the fun of carving technique. You will have a short training after renting the sleigh to ensure you a safe and enjoyable ride.


Only for groups (from 5 persons)

Group trial: the best and funniest way for team building is the Funny Olympics, in which you will have various challenges. Each activity is funny, joyful and requires different skills from the participants. For example: cross golf, sumo, segway obstacle-race, archery.



Building a raft and rafting: To win this trial you will really need every bodies help in the team. You will need to build a raft with the tools and from the materials you have been provided and then take a 10 km rafting tour on the Salzach.



Hydrospeed: This is a swimming equipment similar to a bobsleigh. You can try it in May and June on the river Lammer.

White-water kayak: This kind of activity is suggested for those who are already acquainted with kayaking. It needs a longer training before you can first try the kayak in white water.

Rock climbing:

In the Alps there are numerous routes for rock climbers. Also the Tennengau Region offers you some of them. You have the possibility for indoor and outdoor rock climbing as well.

Großer Donnerkogel mountain climb:

This is a 2-hour long trail for advanced climbers. It has 3 sections, the height difference is 1.100 meters. You will have to climb on 400 meter high rock walls. The tour leads you along the Gosaukamm, so the view

could not be more wonderful. You can get more information about this tour in the tourist office of Annaberg.

Postalm Climbing trail:

The Postalm climbing trail is a real secret gem for climbers. The 5500 meter long trail in the Postalm gorge has 4 suspension bridges and is surrounded by beautiful natural environment. You will need to take the toll road to Postalm in the direction to Strobl and stop at the parking lot where you see the information board. May is the perfect time of the year for this trip, as during the time of snow melting the gorge with the river is even more wonderful. You can get more information about this tour in the tourist office of Abtenau.

Boulderhalle Hallein – indoor climbing

The best place for training on 250 square meters, the Boulderhalle in Hallein. You can train by yourself or ask for the help of professional trainers. Championships are also often organized here for climbers.

Other activities: